The Key to Being Successfully Self-Employed

Money does not just fall into your hands but I wish that it would. There isn’t one of us reading this that doesn’t wish it wouldn’t happen that way, but we know better and know that some type of good effort is needed to see any type of substantial growth.You can spend an hour over three to four sites and make well above minimum wage in an hour. Create a plan and go at it. If you are someone who gets distracted then learn to set aside a block of time for work. It is time to set yourself apart from the pack, no more excuses like “I can’t do this”, “I don’t have the money”. If all you have is excuses rather than solutions then just admit you’re not willing to work and move on.5 Tips to be Successful 1. Learn to rely on note taking heavily (now is the time to get familiar with spreadsheets and planners)
2. Work in the same space every day and optimize it for your comfort and productivity.
3. Relax, let the light in, play some soft music, sip on your tea and get your written plan for the day and start on it.
4. Schedule in a break just as if you where working outside of the home.
5. Be positive and think positive, you are now your sole cheerleader and motivational staff.This is a process and while you may be entering to what you feel like is foreign waters, it is not at all. It’s only a new setting, with a different set of rules. Once you get the new way down it will be smoother.

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